COLLAGE: Universal Monsters – Frankenstein

Halloween is oh-so-close, and I’m chomping at the bit to dress my newborn up as either a werewolf or a monkey. Maybe a weremonkey?

Anyhoo… I’ve been experimenting with some new collages, and the first non-flag since the STOP! sign is Boris Karloff as Universal’s Frankenstein Monster.

Frankenstein, 24×24″; $300

As if the caption didn’t tip you off, this piece is a 24″ square. It’s made entirely of old Wizard magazines. Meanwhile, my dad complains that all my comics and such are cluttering his house. Dad, I’m whittling away! FOR MONEY! Which brings me to my next point. Frankenstein’s Monster is officially for sale. $300, shipping included to the continental US. Talk to me, people. I need to keep the old man off my back!

TOMORROW (gasp, art on back-to-back days! I spoil you!): THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN!


16 thoughts on “COLLAGE: Universal Monsters – Frankenstein

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to make small pieces so I can have a diverse range of prices (not to say that that obligates you or anyone to buy sumpn), but goddammit my sausage fingers aren’t that nimble. And they taste like sausages. And paste.

    1. Thanks Fig! I’m sitting in my office right now, door shut so coworkers/boss don’t bother me with actual work/know I’m here, and I’m furiously ripping surf magazines to put together the Creature from the Black Lagoon to share sometime next week. These monsters are fun to make.

      1. sounds like you have a pretty sweet job! the way you’ve achieved the effect on this one is really impressive.. looking forward to yr creature!!

    1. There’s a free weekly newspaper all about comics (cleverly titled Comic Book News) and the new one had this AWESOME pink-to-purple image on the front cover. So I took eight of them for future collaging goodness.

        1. The Squirrel and I have had more than a few heated discussions on my thoughts on pink. I HATE IT the way she hates movies, and I don’t want my daughter living in the damn color. It’s the only color in my mind that has a gender-specific connotation, and should only ever be used as an accent (if at all) for clothes, baby bedding, etc.

          BUT… throw it on a punk rocker or a wolfman collage, and its fucking awesome. Probably because that whole gender thing is completely turned on its ear.

          1. True. But as much as you try to avoid the “pink thing” with girls, you’ll find it much harder when she gets older. 😉 They gravitate toward that damn color anyway! I blame marketing and… Disney! I like green. Green is awesome.

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