COLLAGE: The Captain’s America

The Captain's AmericaYet another American flag, this one made entirely of Captain America-related comics like The Invaders, The Ultimates, The Avengers, Captain America (DUH), and Marvel Comics Presents.

People dig these things, so I will keep making them until they stop being sold. This piece, coincidentally, has yet to sell. My friend price is $225, shipping included, and if you’re reading this, that extends to you right now. It’s approximately 22″ x 11.5″. I’ve got kids to feed.

Here’s a zoom-in to show you what we got going on over here. These stars are my favorite to date. Something about that pink-and-white medley makes them pop a little more. It’s given me another idea for a couple more American Flags I plan on cut-and-pasting.The Captain's America: zoom And here’s another shot, basically the heart of the collage.

cap006vSome of the characters that appear are Namor, Bucky, the original Human Torch*, the Falcon, Red Skull, Sin, Baron Zemo and possibly Arnim Zola, but I forget if I used that snippet or not. There are a bunch of references to Hydra, SHIELD, Nick Fury, and taking a random glance at the piece just now, the first thing I saw was the name “Baron Strucker.” He’s another bad man to be whipped by Steve Rogers.

*A surefire question to separate old school comic book nerds from this new crop of hipsters who think they’re all that because comics are acceptable in the 21st century is to ask, “Who is the original Human Torch?”

I’ve got a bunch of other ideas for comic book collages, and I hope I get to all them – and that they are good – because the Asbury Park Comicon, Round II, will be here before I know it.



8 thoughts on “COLLAGE: The Captain’s America

    1. I will gladly take the one dollar you have offered to give. You will receive a genuine “thank you,” a half-hearted smile (upside down frowns hurt my face) and maybe a pat on the back. All for one lonely dollar! The collage, however, will stay with me.

    1. Thanks dude! Once I finalize the cloning process, my dopplegangers and I will pump out all the other ideas I’ve got, too. I just hopoe i don’t wind up with that “special” clone like Michael Keaton in Multiplicity.

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