Dating’s a Game: An Abomination of Art

I normally don’t post works in progress, because, well, who cares what a painting isn’t going to look like, right?

But this is a special exception, partly because I’m so busy that I don’t know when I’ll be able to update the site with new work again. The other reason is a little more in-depth.

A few years back, a friend had asked me to design a logo for his website, an advice blog titled Dating’s A Game, which has since springboarded (sprungboard?) him to write for sites with greater presence. I don’t read anything on advice columns because opinions and asshole, y’know, but if dating’s a game, I’m either the reigning world champion or I lost in a deluge of flaming buildings falling on my head…s, what with a pregnant wife in under a year and all. (Either way, I am the PIE CHAMPION.)

Anyway, I logoed Johnny up, and we both liked the final product. A pair of dice with some sultry lips instead of snake eyes. He recently asked for a painting of said logo. It’s here, and it’s shit.DiceEverything about this is absolutely boring and terrible (in that order) and I’m sending it to the figurative paper shredder. I don’t know why I feel beholden to the original logo THAT I PUT TOGETHER (with help from the top images searched in Google… I embrace the hackiness here), but the next time you see anything remotely like this, it will look nothing remotely like this.

I think there’s some deeper issue at play here. Like, as an artist, sometimes I get caught up in rules, boundaries and regulations. Here’s some advice – for art and life – to hell with the rules, boundaries and regulations. Pay your taxes and fuck the rest… Maybe this attitude is why I have a baby coming any day now.


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