Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

Freddie MercuryThe Movie Squirrel is set to give birth to our baby on September 19th. That’s my uncle Frank’s birthday. I’m hoping this kid pops out today, though. It’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday. Happy birthday, Freddie! And happy Freddie for a Day to all of you.

If you are one of those chuds who doesn’t know the glory of the Mercury, I’ve put together this Cliff’s Notes bio on the man:

Mercury is a rocketship on his way to Mars on a collision course. He is a satellite. He’s out of control. He’s a sex machine ready to reload. Like an atom bomb, he’s bound to explode.

He is a champion, my friend. And he’ll keep on fighting til the end. Everything he had to know, he heard it on his radio.

He’s dynamite with a laser beam and guaranteed to blow your mind. He’s a good old-fashioned lover boy who just wants to ride his bicycle. BICYCLE! He can’t hear the bell, but he’ll answer the call, just waiting for the hammer to fall.

He’s the invisible man. Also, I’m the best friend he’s ever had.

All that and more. And of course, here’s my tribute to the Prince of the Universe himself, one of my earliest paintings. (Who the hell am I? My “earliest” paintings aren’t even a year old.)

Words and pictures will never do Freddie Mercury justice. You really just need to see the man work. Here’s Queen’s famous set from Live Aid.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

  1. Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time!!

    Dude – I THINK it’s a live concert video of Another One Bites the Dust the wife and I were watching a few years ago – Freddie is dancing around the stage in the shortest shorts a man could wear and I swear his nuts kept popping out.

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