Skateboard Design: The Creature in the Dark

creatureFull The idea for this board partially came from perusing Laser, Monsters, and Barbarians, Oh My! Mark’s a good dude who likes old time horror movies (Universal Monsters) and fringe pop culture shlock. He sometimes pops over here to drop a line about my retro Monday Night RAW reviews. Go visit him and say hi.

I’ve wanted to tackle some stuff with The Creature for a few months, but it wasn’t until a trip to the Long Island Aquarium – overall, a really lame trek by me; that place is amateur hour – where I found an old school dive suit, that I came up with this composition.

Oh, and that reminds me. I was also inspired by The IPC when I designed the stencil for this board. I have terrible habit to center EVERYTHING. It’s bullshit, and requires active work to avoid that trap. I saw a couple paintings at the very bottom of this page, and my off-kilter layout was born. Go say hi to The IPC, too. He’s also aces.creature1 creature2 creature3I hated the blue paint I used, touted the best in the biz. The nozzle didn’t work, nothing sprayed, and I was ready to kill someone. SO ANGRY. I fucking HATE when things don’t work. I wish I could hulk up. Anyway, I switched in a different nozzle, and the paint came out… but NEVER STOPPED until I pulled the nozzle out of the can entirely. So frustrating.

creaturefull2 creaturefull3The base was sprayed with silver, then black, so it looks like a gun metal grey background. Yellow, green and blue rounded out the stencil gradient, and then I went back and added a forest green mist over the blue, because I thought the hue was too dark against the black.


6 thoughts on “Skateboard Design: The Creature in the Dark

    1. Thanks. I think there’s still work to be done here, but I do like how the creature came out. And yeah, man, this was all base don your assorted Creature features!

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