JERSEY RULES! Yellow Pages Collage

1. JERSEY RULES! Let’s just establish that right off the bat.

2. The Yellow Pages… is there a more useless publication circulating today? I would say… YES, there is, because I have turned this dandelion-hued trash into greenback treasure.Jersey Rules!

3. I fell in love with the notion before building the piece, and now that it’s out there, I think there’s some legs to this. My predominantly Jersey-centric Facebook friends liked it, and I’ve already sold the piece over at my Etsy shop.

4. I used the restaurant section of the Yellow Pages to make this NJ silhouette. Everybody loves food, so it’s better to look at a piece like this and see familiar eateries than say… lawyers or exterminators.

5. If you’d like to donate a phone book from your home state, email me. We’ll work something out where you get your own original home state piece like this Jersey version. Only it won’t be as good because JERSEY RULES!


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