Annual Pig Roast

Pig RoastTomorrow is the boss’s annual pig roast, which means its my annual can’t-go-to-the-pig-roast day. In 2010, I was in California working on set at a film. Last year, I was lifeguarding on the beach. Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing up with painting the apartment. Funny how I have a good, well-paying job, yet every time my boss wants to hang out, I have to go to work at some other job. The only year I made it, 2011, I dominated everyone in the pie eating contest, eating a mini pie in under two seconds. No exaggeration.

It’s a fun day, and I was really looking forward to introducing my co-workers to my pregnant squirrelfriend, aka the Gypsy, aka the Movie Squirrel, aka Esmerelda. More importantly, I was looking forward to defending my pie-eating title.

Anyway, in lieu of attendance, I wrapped up a quickie logo/banner for the festivities, both below (black) and above (in technicolor).Pig Roast


8 thoughts on “Annual Pig Roast

      1. What kind of pie did you eat? Wait a second – did these comments just get extremely filthy?? I’m not being filthy – I seriously want to know the type of pie you ate! In the pie-eating contest. Meat pies are popular in the UK. Hey – this could go the wrong way again…

        It would be really cool if you then threw up on everyone like in Stand By Me.

        Dammit – I have that horrible Warrant song in my head now.

        1. When I won two years ago, it was chocolate pudding pies. I didn’t expect to make this year…. BUT I DID. Uploading some terrifying photos right now to be released tomorrow!

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