COLLAGE: Old Glory #2

Overwhelmingly positive response to my Old Glory collage a couple weeks back. I got about a dozen requests for prints, and I tried to make it happen, but with so many different stocks of paper included in the piece, it was hard to get a crisp, clear photo of the image without some glare ruining a segment of the art somewhere. Nothing met my standards, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone, so I said to hell with prints. If anyone wanted a collage, I’d simply create new ones, like this:Old Glory #2The only request I had for this made-to-order piece was to include a healthy dose of Spider-Man. He appears throughout the collage, as does the word “Spider-Man.” I even included the famous title font, and a Daily Bugle newspaper heading. I’d round the Spidey references up to about three dozen in all.

Like the first Old Glory, this commission is approximately 22″ x 11.5″ and I’ll make one for anyone else who wants our great country’s flag paid homage with old comics. The going rate is $225, shipping to the US included.


18 thoughts on “COLLAGE: Old Glory #2

    1. Thanks, mang! I’m actually working on a flag made entirely of Batman related comics (Knightfall, pre-New 52 Batman Inc and Batwoman, Arkham City, some other miscellaneous stuff). No prospective buyers now, but I think someone would swoop in for this one soon enough.

  1. That is amazing and a bargain for original art! Thanks for bringing it to the party!
    Have fun meeting the guests. The party should become a rager and run through the weekend! Spread the word!

    1. Thanks, Susie! I look forward to the par-tay.

      I try to be fair in pricing and make my art accessible to as many people as possible. For me, its all about exposure right now. If I’m ever a recognizable, in-demand commodity, BAM. That’s when I charge millions of dollars to George Clooney to hang something up on one of the 6,000 walls in his palace.

      1. That is a great plan!
        You may want to add a side bar on your blog with your real name and a photo (could be serious or funny) to get your name linked up with your artwork. I see it is on your about page, but not as many will see that. Just a suggestion!

  2. Great work! Susie sent me over, and I agree with her – get your name linked with your artwork, because people like to make the connection between the artist and his/her work. I write a newsletter and other promo materials for a local writer, and people enjoy putting a face with the work. Keep it up!!

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