STOP! Collage

22" x 22"
22″ x 22″

My second collage, based off a stop sign I photographed in the Jerz (JERSEY RULES!) during the week.

If I get some respite from the CNNish 24-hour news cycle of house-hunting that has become my life, I hope to get to an aquarium this weekend and snap some shots for the series of collages I’ve wanted to make from the get-go. “Stop!” and “Old Glory” were just the warm-ups to see how things would work before I got really complex.Stop signDestroying comics is getting easier for me, too, but even SAYING that is a little painful. I should have made a list of what I eviscerated for this one, but off the top of my head, I know I’ve got The Dark Knight #6, House of M: FF #1, Stormbreaker #2, a couple issues of the Transformers and ThunderCats from their reboots about ten years ago, and a few issues of Comic Shop News, whihc is the easiest thing to dissect, because its free, so I can slice it up guilt-free.


8 thoughts on “STOP! Collage

    1. Maybe if you’re blog was terrible I wouldn’t follow it!

      Seriously though, you have some sweet stuff over there. Thanks for the kind words, and I promise there are more collages coming.

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