Old Glory Collage

22" x 11"
22″ x 11″

This was one of the things I mentioned the other day in my Upcoming Arts post.

This collage obviously Old Glory, and its made entirely of dissected comic books. It was soooooo painful to put a knife to the comics, even though they were devoid of any monetary value, both because they weren’t that good and they got caught in a flood years ago. (JERSEY RULES… but not that time.) I actually had no right to even hang onto them for so long after that.

TANGENT: My Beta Ray Bill mini-series, Stormbreaker, is so chock full of sentimental value that I couldn’t bare to harm those warped, mildewy pages. I’m building to it, like when Pee-Wee rescues the snakes from the burning pet shop.

I wanted to make some collages for a while – it’s basically making Foogos but with paper instead of food – and when I was purging my CD and DVD collection at my parents’ house a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a hockey bag FILLED with my brother Nick’s surf magazines. I had a great idea for how to collage-erize them, but it’s complex, so I wanted to do something simpler first.

The American flag is just a couple basic shapes, so it was a great subject matter. I used comics instead of surf magazines in order to get rid of this junk, and because there’s actually a deeper meaning here. Comics are the first truly American art form, so it all ties in together.

I posted the piece on Facebook, hit the gym, and then it was sold by the time I finished pyramid set of 100 burpee/push-ups.


4 thoughts on “Old Glory Collage

    1. Pyramid sets: I do one burpee the push-up. Finish the burpee. Then I turn around slowly, like a dog marking his territory. It’s about 5 second break. Then I do two. Repeat the walk. 3, 4, 5, 6, etc up to 10, then back down.

      Between 8-9-10-9-8, there are maybe 15-30 second breaks. I’ve been doing this for a while, so its not as brutal as it was once upon a time. Being sober helps.

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