Monday Night Raw #3 (1/25/93)

MATCHES: “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Repo Man; Kamala vs Brooklyn Brawler; Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair

FACE: “Is that a flesh-colored beanie Randy’s got on there?” Rob Bartlett, RAW’s horrendous announcer, actually authored this hilarious quote.

HEEL: A 12-minute match between Randy Savage and Repo Man to settle their beef from last week’s show, which stems from Repo’s repossession of Macho’s hat. HIS. HAT.

FACE: Savage has amazing ring music (Pomp and Circumstance).

HEEL: The drama of said music is spot-on when you reunite with Miss Elizabeth or capture the prestigious Intercontinental or WWF titles. It’s really out of place when you beat the fucking Repo Man for your damn hat.

FACE: The Repo Man is an early 90s thing that was so dumb, its fondly remembered, like Captain Planet.

HEEL: After success as Krucher Kruschev in the NWA and then Demolition Smash, the Repo Man gimmick was the beginning of the end of Barry Darsow.

FACE: “He’s not the first guy who got rolled over here in New York.” Bobby Heenan on Kamala rolling the Brooklyn Brawler all over the ring.Kamala vs Brooklyn BrawlerFUN WRESTLING TRIVIA: The Brooklyn Brawler also portrayed Kamala’s handler, Kim Chee, whom Kamala turned on a few weeks prior.

HEEL: Kamala jumped the shark here. Starting off as an African cannibal is imposing and unique, but now he’s the good Kamala, aka a dumber, less endearing George “The Animal” Steele.

FACE: Slick was a great manager…

HEEL: …when he was the street-hustling, jive-talking Doctor of Style. This reverend gimmick sucks balls.Kamala, Slick, Vince McMahonFACE: Mr. Perfect vs Ric Flair in a Loser Leaves Town match!

HEEL: This match deserved a bigger stage (Uh… a little something called WrestleMania would have been ideal) for these two legends.

FACE: This nearly 40-minute match is brilliant. I had no idea who was going to win when I first saw this 20 years ago. The lack of suspense doesn’t hurt the in-ring story at all.

HEEL: Ric Flair is gone from the WWF. This episode was actually taped before the 1993 Royal Rumble, but aired one day later. That must have been weird for the fans in the Manhattan Center who saw Ric Flair literally beaten from the WWF, then watched him at the Rumble.

FACE: Bobby Heenan is so on-point throughout the episode. Bartlett is mostly quiet, and that’s great.


8 thoughts on “Monday Night Raw #3 (1/25/93)

    1. The pain really came in ’94 and ’95. Wrestling is like hard drugs. Even when you realize it’s absolutely no good, you’re still going to do it…

        1. They could use another moment like that right about now… The current WWE is soooo boring way too often. There are some things going on right now that are great, but they’ve had these false promises come about a handful of times over the last couple years, only to shit the bed every time.

          1. The last time I watched it much was like 11-12 years ago. I lost interest when the regular shows became nothing more than ads for the pay per views. I think there’s a half hour show of it that comes on in between my kid’s cartoon and they watch it some, but most of the wrestlers I saw were just okay.

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