Upcoming Arts

So many projects running concurrently, I find it hard to get anything done. Today, I’m all about collages. Tomorrow, I may be all about maps. Friday, it might be a big Zombie day.

NHL COSMONAUTS/WWF ZOMBIES: One series has been quite popular, and it comes in waves. The other is just starting and will probably gain no traction, but the portraiture is good practice. Both will see more over time.

POWER RANGERS. I had a dream Sunday night that is going to become a new Power Rangers painting. It’s weird, and I woke up laughing. I think Power Ranger fans would approve. This one’s still available:COLLAGES. Some other epiphany has brought me to a place where I want to make collages. My lengthy experience with making Foogos should come in handy here. Expect a lot of dead things. First, a trip to the museum is in order.

TWO-FACE AND THE RIDDLER. I’ve had a sketch of these two – based on their portrayals in the mildly terrible Batman Forever – for a few months. It’s time I put it into action. I think this might be a big’un, like 30×40.

TANGENT: I can never hate Batman Forever, despite my best wishes. I saw that movie on June 17, 1995, with my friends Vinnie and Dean. It was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Vinnie had a radio with him, and during the movie, let me know Stephane Richer put the Devils up, 1-0. We got home in time to see Claude Lemieux score the game-winner. JERSEY RULES.

SKATEBOARDS. I’ve got like five or six skateboard decks laying around and I’m going to stencil some designs onto them. The Blue Demon birthday card for my mom was originally part of a skate design, but obviously I went a different road on that one.

COMMISSIONS. I’m painting a birthday present for a friend, commissioned by her spouse. That’s in the sketched-on-canvas-but-I-keep-staring-at-it-and-won’t-do-anything-about-it stage. Can’t go into details on that one, but I think it’ll be a big winner.

MAPS: Still chipping away at a couple maps: Asbury Park (JERSEY RULES!), Boston, and Atlantic City (JERSEY RULES!). All should be done by summer’s end.

LEGO. Two LEGO-themed paintings in the works. Like everything else, the sketches are there. I really haven’t made enough time to sit down and paint in the last 6 weeks. This is what happens when you plan moving, marriage and the birth of your child in the same month.


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