AkeemFacebook Foogophile Jason Somethingorother suggested I paint Akeem, like… 3 months ago. I was already burned out from WWF Zombies, so I never did it, but swore that one day, I would! (I also shook my fist menacingly as the camera panned out toward the heavens.)

And that day has come. And gone. I watercolored (not a verb!) this one last week.

WRESTLING TRIVIA: Akeem was famously known as the One Man Gang, arguably the most imposing name in wrestling history. In WCW, circa 1991, Gang wrestled a Hair vs Argentina match against El Gigante. The stipulation was that if Gang lost (and he did), he’d be shaved bald. And if Gigante lost, he’d forfeit Argentina, the country he was supreme ruler of, to the One Man Gang’s dictatorship. In wrestling, anything can happen!

(Okay, seriously… if Gigante lost, he had to go back from whence he came, Argentina.)


4 thoughts on “WWF ZOMBIES: Akeem

    1. Well, one day, we’re all going to learn that Vince McMahon is actually Zeus – from Olympus, not No Holds Barred – and then these things might make more sense. The gods be fickle, and its not our place to question their whims.

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