Happy birthday, Ma.

I designed a birthday card for my mom. This birthday card, in fact:


It’s got Blue Demon, who I am fascinated by, on the cover, and it says “Happy birthday, you filthy animal,” in Spanish on the inside, within the boundaries of a minimalist wrestling ring.

My mom is not a fan of wrestling – Mexican or otherwise – or Blue Demon, speaks no Spanish whatsoever, and has no particular penchant for the greyish purple color dominating the palette. But she made me, and I make no sense, so it’s only fitting I complete the circle and give her something nonsensical that I made. (Those are the kinds of sorta logical, 11th hour conclusions I drew in four years of writing art history papers.)

Last Minute Pre-Publishing Edit: I actually saw my mom this morning (wasn’t expecting to til tonight) and she laughed her ass off at this card, especially after I told her what it said. I couldn’t have been happier with her shrugged shoulders reaction of “Thanks!?!”


16 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Ma.

    1. I thought I was free from the false spam plague spreading like wildfire, but I guess not. I just fished your comment from the trash. It’s still fresh, though. And more importantly, THANKS!

  1. Reblogged this on Mojo's Work and commented:

    I blame the Bean on my lack of time to create a birthdya card for my mom this year, so here’s last year’s awesome Blue Demon card recycled. Happy birthday, ma, you filthy animal!

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