DoinkBeen a while since I painted a watercolor wrestling zombie, but last week’s death of Matt Bourne, aka Doink the Clown, motivated me, and I banged this puppy out during my week-long vacation back home on the beach (my only trip home this whole year…. sigh…).

TANGENT: That was a long sentences. Long sentences give me anxiety.

I’ve got another zombie I finished over the lengthy break, and I’ll share him soon enough. I may even paint a few more of these while the motivation is back. And here’s the reference I used to paint this Doink. I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t take too many artistic liberties with this one. For one, I love the bright colors the source material, and I didn’t have the heart to muddy them up aside form the flesh tone. It was also such a close up that I didn’t feel I had the adequate space to add a protruding ulna or a gaping chest wound. (You can make the argument that I should have used a different source then, but I’d counter with something along the lines of LEAVE ME ALONE.)

You can view the full set of WWF Zombies to date here.


6 thoughts on “WWF ZOMBIES: Doink!

    1. Thanks! My eyes must be broken, because every time I do something that I think is the worst, its the thing everyone else thinks is the best. (There’s definitely much worse zombies in there than Repo, but he was definitely not one of my faves. Yet somehow, that sold like lemonade, and the Macho Man sat in my binder for a few months… Go figure.)

    1. I don’t know if its hindsight or nostalgia or just not taking it as seriously as I once did, but Doink’s early heel run was actually pretty entertaining. I’m going through Monday NIght Raw and Pay Per Views chronologically right now, and he had some decent moments and matches. But yeah, a wrestling clown is about as ridiculous as it gets.

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