Mr. JohnsonYou know how people tell you, “Oh, you like Queen? I do, too!” and then you’re all excited and like, “Dude. Hot Space took a lot of heat for being too disco or whatever, like the band got away from their roots, but I love that album! Put Out the Fire is such a catchy song, and if you pay attention, the lyrics still make sense in today’s world, over 30 years later. Kinda amazing, right?” And then that first person goes, “Uh… We Are the Champions.”

I am that We Are the Champions guy when it comes to Sesame Street. I know my main players, but really, that’s about it. When I was a kid, I jumped right over that baby stuff and into The Muppet Show. When I was a teen I forewent 90210 for Heather Locklear – and later, Alyssa Milano – on Melrose Place. I’ve always skewed older than my demographic. What can I say? I’m more mature than you.

Anyway, with that verbose analogy out of the way, and Queen firmly stuck in my head, let me say that I have absolutely NO RECOLLECTION of this Mr. Johnson, who is apparently a versatile Muppet, and a pal of Grover’s.


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