MAPS: Wildwood II

This one’s a digital version of yesterday’s map, using Pantone colors. There’s still a little work to do here, but it’s only a test run for the big’un… New York City.Wildwoods


8 thoughts on “MAPS: Wildwood II

    1. Maps for a living. Please, do continue with this story. How does one get into that? What tools are used in 21st century map-making? Et cetera…

      1. You can get a degree in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), which is how maps are made today. Some schools may still call it Cartography. My degree was in Urban Studies, with almost a minor in geography, but I also took a lot of mapping classes which helped me land the job making maps. It is extremely detailed work, though, something I am only cut out to do from time to time rather than all day every day. So I went into urban planning/community development instead 🙂

      2. I just remembered that one of the reasons I got hired for my first job making maps was because one of my cartography classes was a hand-drawn class and the guy that was hiring me started out doing everything by hand! 🙂

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