MAPS: Wildwood

WildwoodI thought I was so fucking brilliant for coming with this idea to recreate maps of places dear to my heart. I’m about half-done with a map of Manhattan and I walk into someone’s office at work, and there is my map, completed and on her wall… She said she saw something like that online and rather than pay for it, she made it herself. So now at least TWO people have thwarted my plans.

I know there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but for the love of God my idea is the EXACT SAME EXECUTION as this pre-existing notion. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. Anyway, to differentiate my maps from this other person’s ideas, I have some insane, grandiose plot for Maphattan now, and there is a 75% chance its going to look like absolute dagshit. (Not dogshit, but dagshit. Dagshit is about twelve times worse than dogshit.)

And here’s the first map of my hometown island on the Jersey coast (which is not the same execution as Maphattan).Wildwood

24x24 ink on paper
24×24 ink on paper

4 thoughts on “MAPS: Wildwood

    1. That’s one of the two reasons the internet sucks. Inevitably, someone is doing the same thing, and now everyone knows. I hate the idea of my independent thoughts construed as ripping someone else off. I’ve abandoned so many ideas because of this.

      The other reason the internet sucks, and its similar to #1, is that everything has become localized, including horrible news. People think the world is going to shit, and its depressing. But its always been like this, only now, on top all the murder-for-hire plots and gang shootings I would normally see in my local paper, I’ve got natural disasters and genocide and people beating their dogs from Mongolia to Schenectady flowing in at a steady stream on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else.

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