SEGA Genesis Controller #1

SEGA Genesis ControllerThis neon controller is part of a popular video game series of paintings I’ve worked on over the past year. Bright, almost neon colors. Fast and loose style. I think that sums up the era SEGA Genesis was a popular staple in the suburbs of Jersey (and across the world).

It’s acrylic on 14×11 canvas, and if you want it, $50 (plus shipping) will get it to you. You can email for details.

Okay, with the business out of the way, here comes the fun stuff. Remember these commercials? I think Michael Clarke Duncan is the voiceover in the first one:

I couldn’t find out if that was really him or not, but there’s no questioning this one:


6 thoughts on “SEGA Genesis Controller #1

    1. Tomorrow I gloss over my 10 favorite Genesis games. Be ready with a rebuttal list, because 5 years of eating Cheez-Its and mozzarella sticks while playing SEGA and watching FOX Kids has irreparably damaged my frontal lobe, and I definitely forgot some good ones.

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