REVIEW: Aliens (1986)

The story: Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wakes from her cryogenic slumber to discover 57 years have elapsed since her narrow escape from the alien she encountered on her ship, the Nostromo. The company she works for has requested she aid a group of marines going back to the alien’s origin planet, now a human colony that has gone off-line. (It’s probably nothing.)

That’s a solid premise for a sequel. I’m echoing my praise for the first movie, but Aliens‘ storytelling follows a strong logic… mostly. Sure, half a century has elapsed since Ripley’s last adventure, but its fresh in her mind. I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THAT HELLHOLE. But the humanitarian in Ellen Ripley overcomes her common sense, so she heads back to the cold grip of space to ensure the company doesn’t get their hands on an uncontrollable alien for their weapons division.

TANGENT: The company. We’ve seen graphics that give this a distinctive name – Weyland  – and it may have been said a couple times, but the common noun equivalent sounds so much more ominous! I’m so in love with these details. I mean, I wouldn’t let the writers implant their eggs into my chest, but I’d maybe give them a hug.

EDIT: SHIT! I had this on “Schedule” and not “Draft,” and its not done but its already out there in the public sector… sigh. Whatever, Hard Ticket to Home Video already likes it, and that site is the tit’s milk, so I’m validated. Anyway, I don’t remember how I was going to elaborate on this film, so… Aliens is a good movie. Amen. The end.


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Aliens (1986)

        1. LOL!! I am just getting around to my internet reading… watched A Good Day to Die Hard today and ran some errands.

          The King of Taint!! I’ll take it!! I think…

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