When I was a kid, and forced to go grocery shopping with my mom, my one recourse was the hopes that a new Sesame Street Treasury book would be out. My mom must have seen the value in those books, because she never refused to buy one for me, and pretty much got them with no special occasion in mind, a far departure from the gift-getting norm of Christmas, birthday, Easter, and for a stellar, straight-A report card.

The books included some sign language, a recipe page (I remember trying to bake the banana bread…awful), tons of stories (like Bert and Ernie as knights), jokes, and the best part, the character profile page.

It was in those awesome books that I discovered my affection for Sesame Street monsters, Frazzle among them. He was a cover boy, after all:

Here are my other favorite Muppet monsters, predominantly based on how striking I found their physical appearances:

Two-Headed Monster: GIVE HIM/THEM A PROPER NAME. Most under-utilized Muppet of all-time.

Sweetums: What is not to like about Sweetums?

Cookie Monster: A classic, for sure, and of all the uninspired Muppet designs (Elmo, Grover, Telly, Herry, etc), he is the only one I give a pass to. Cookie’s personality makes up for it.

Oscar the Grouch: HOW HAVE I NOT PAINTED HIM YET? Such an awesome Muppet, but please, people, stop putting him on tee shirts for adults. There is NO WAY to make that cool; for every snide remark or joke that’s printed on the shirt, the tee is proportionately more terrible.

So who’s your favorite Muppet monster?


5 thoughts on “MUPPET MONDAY: Frazzle

  1. Great post! I grew up on Sesame Street and still love it to this day (and am seriously annoyed that they do NOT show it in the UK. Honestly, I’ve written letters telling them why they should be showing it). My favorites were the Yip Yip Martians. 🙂

    1. 1. Terrific screenname/handle/username.

      2. WHATTTTTTTT? No Street in the UK? That’s INSANE! Fear not, because every Monday, I have some new Muppet artwork to post, along with some random Muppet blurbs. I’ve been busy, so I’ve already got a full month’s worth of Muppet Mondays in the can.

      1. 1. Thanks! 🙂

        2. I know! It sucks that they don’t show it here! 😦 I look forward to your Monday posts, then, to make up for my lack of Sesame Street. I’ll make sure to check back here every Monday!! 🙂

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