Krave NutritionI’m the king of cheapskates when it comes to everyday things. I mean, you need them everyday, so why overpay? I stock up on toiletries, soup, and cereal, to name a few, when they’re on sale, and ONLY then. It was one of those situations I ran across two for $4 promotion for all Kellogg’s cereal at the grocery. I had to snag a Krave. Ever since I had free samples at the New York Comic Con, it’s been a lingering addiction. The following morning, I ate half the box for breakfast. The Squirrel called me later in the week and said she had eaten back-to-back bowls herself, which is saying something, because the tiny girl eats like a bird.

So I vowed to eat no more Krave. I mean, if its so addictive you don’t even have time to admire and take pictures for your weekly cereal review, it’s hardcore smack, right?

Less than a month after I swore to NEVER buy Krave again, Rite-Aid tricked me into shelling out $4.99 for a single box! The sign said: KELLOGG’S CEREAL $1.97. It did not say EXCEPT KRAVE. So when I finally worked through an overcrowded line to pay, I got a case of mild sticker shock, and it was too late. I was shamed into buying the damned box. I’ll get you Rite-Aid, if its the last thing I do!

And that box went down for the count in THREE HOURS. I hate myself. Krave is a marshmallow-less s’more. You can’t go wrong with graham and chocolate. It has good milk absorption to soften the crunch a little, but the aftermilk doesn’t have much extra flavor… which only means the flavor stays inside the tiny morsels of sinful glee. I have to take points off for that, because like I said, I hate myself for loving this cereal. This is what sharks must feel like when they get a taste for human blood. SAVE YOURSELF! DON’T EAT KRAVE!

Cereal Killer: 4.5 Stars


2 thoughts on “CEREAL SUNDAY: Krave

  1. Never heard of Krave or Basic 4. I don’t think they were ever available in Canada (unsurprisingly) – at least not in the town where I grew up 🙂

    1. Krave is definitely newer. I think it came either in 2011 or 2012. It’s DANGEROUSLY addictive. Consider yourself lucky the Great White North is devoid of Krave. Basic Four…. you’re missing out.

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