PRETEN-D: The Mighty Thor

I used a still from the new Thor: The Dark World trailer to put this faux 3D digital piece together. I don’t think it’s as good as the Iron Man I made last month for two reasons:

1. It’s not taken from original artwork/photography. Sure, I completely made a pre-existing thing my own, but I take more pride in creating something for virtually nothing.

2. Too much of it is filled with color, rather than a lot of line work, so the 3D effect gets lost in the overlapping purple color. Le sigh…

Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t already seen it, which is a borderline federal offense:


5 thoughts on “PRETEN-D: The Mighty Thor

  1. This is a cool effect. Thor doesn’t really pop as much as the Iron Man one you posted earlier, but his lines resolve better in my 3-D glasses. I don’t know how you do this. Can any black line drawing be rendered this way?

    1. The Iron Man one is definitely much cooler, but neither are meant to really be in 3D, so if you see that… I either need your glasses or order me what you’re having. (I MAY do a Captain Britain next. Or I guess Captain America would be more appropriate…in every way.)

      I draw them digitally, then merge the hundreds of layers into one, so everything that is black is all essentially one shape. Change the color to cyan. Copy and paste the whole thing. Slightly move it to one side. Change the color to magenta. Also change the effect from “normal” to “multiply.” That allows for the overlapping areas to be purple. Oh… all this was done in Adobe Illustrator CS6. Maybe I’ll put together a formal tutorial post… Anyway, thanks for shopping!

      1. Hey I spent 50 cents on a terrible comic book to get these glasses… they better do SOMETHING! 🙂 That sounds like a cool technique. I will have to experiment with it over break. I bet your 16×20 prints look awesome. It makes me think if you had a stencil you could do these in paint on canvas to some degree.

      2. We tried doing cyan and magenta with RGB codes of 0,255,255 and 255,0,255. The resultant colors in ‘multiply’ mode didn’t come out like yours. Changing the 255s to 139 (dark versions) didnt get us there, nor did color sampling your image to replicate your RGB values. Consider us stumped. We did get some neat tri-color effects using other pairs of colors, though. Bob Ross called that a ‘happy accident’

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