TV THURSDAY: Spider-Man Unlimited (Season 1; 1999)

FINAL RATING:Netflix: 1 StarNo secret I love comics and animation. Tag team those twin passions with a free month of Netflix and I’m vegging out to gather source material and inspiration for some new paintings and projects. (Can you say Spider-Man 2099, Galactus, and Thanos?)

But it’s not all peaches and cream.

Case in point: Spider-Man Unlimited, a series whose title describes the amount of terrible ideas incorporated into a mere baker’s dozen of episodesThe lone season of this abysmal program was tough to get through, and for long stretches, I was working on other artwork while half-paying attention to the screen.

And in the tried and true method of “Show, don’t tell,” I bring you assorted screenshots of this abomination to the Spider-Man multimedia mythos. (Yes, its worse that Tobey Maguire as emo-Spidey in Spider-Man 3! I still want to punch that guy in the face for that.)

Carnage and Venom
It looks I drew these guys after running a marathon and during a bender. AKA the TERRIBLEST.
The series occurs on Counter-Earth, a copy of our planet on the other side of the sun (its dumber than it sounds) and features the High Evolutionary’s Knights of Wundagore. This one, Ursula, found little career success after Tale Spin.
Robot on a Bed
This redseign for X-51 is so-so. THE PURPLE IS RIDICULOUS. And why would you put a robot on the bed?
Machine Men
Don’t get me started on this awful Counter-Earth version of Electro.
Legalities with Sony prevented the use of the classic Spidey costume. This mash-up of the Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man 2099 is actually one of the cool things about this show.
Comic Book TV
The comic book captions were the other cool aspect of this otherwise kill-me-now TV series, mercifully ended after 13 episodes.


5 thoughts on “TV THURSDAY: Spider-Man Unlimited (Season 1; 1999)

  1. This series wasn’t so bad. Why do you nerds have to hate on everything? And you talk about the drawings being when in reality most people back in 1999 praised its visuals, that venom looks like Ultimate Venom, also you are aware that this series was intended for kids ages 7-10, Sony’s deal prevented from more than the traditional costume, they were not allowed to use the traditional characters, hence why they had to use alternate versions, seriously why the fuck watch something that’s not intended for you?

    Judging by how you could not pay attention to the series, it seems you have short attention span issues.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with you liking the show, but there is plenty for me NOT to like. For the record, please don’t read any of this as a personal attack against you or anything.

    I may be a nerd, but I definitely don’t “hate on everything,” so you’re directing that question at the wrong guy. I’m one of like 10 people who enjoyed the Green Lantern movie.

    For one, I don’t see any resemblance between this Venom from 1999 and the Ultimate Venom that debuted in 2003. And Carnage looks like he was drawn by a child. (If that’s true, that child is my hero for getting such a cool paying job at his/her age.)

    I also said right off the bat, I love comics and animation, but I guess you missed that, because that’s exactly “why the fuck” I watched this series. There are plenty of shows aimed for kids that an older audience can enjoy. (Spectacular Spider-Man and the recent Ultimate Spider-Man come to mind.) And maybe there is an audience for this show, but judging by its abbreviated lifespan and seeming anonymity, I’d guess otherwise.

    If there were so many issues with rights between FOX and Sony that prevented FOX from using characters, well, maybe they shouldn’t have made a half-assed show that resembles NOTHING an average Spider-Man fan would latch onto. (Another reason this show limped along for one forgettable season.)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I posted this so long ago, but yes, I did realize this was Machine Man/X-51 at the time, because I referred to him as such. The Sentinels of X-fame are also purple (and pink… and super-pink in Nimrod’s case), and equally ridiculous as a result.

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