CEREAL SUNDAY: Shop-Rite Crispy Rice

Shop-Rite Crispy RiceThere is only one way to make Rice Krispies taste better if you’re forbidden from adding flavor – adios, Rice Krispies Treats; adieu Cocoa Krispies – and that’s by making them cheaper.Shop-Rite Crispy Rice

Shop-Rite’s generic brand, Crispy Rice, features their incredibly weak bear mascot (who appears on all Shop-Rite cereals) and aside form that aesthetic, they avoid the shame of fucking up the easiest cereal to imitate. So from that perspective, I give them high marks.

In fact, this megalithic box (at least 1.5 boxes of regular Krispies) is only $2. Two bucks for a box and a half that could run you seven if you’re a name brand snob. For the EXACT same cereal. (FRUGALITY TIP: CVS brand DayQuil/NyQuil are also identical in ingredient to their pricier twins.)Shop-Rite Crispy Rice

On the other hand, Rice Krispies, Crispy Rice, puffed rice, whatever the hell you want to call it… it’s still bland, and serves better as ingredient to something else. (Did I mention Rice Krispies treats?)
Shop-Rite Crispy Rice

Adding some fruit (I’ve got bananas in mine) helps, and if nothing else, a big bowl of Shop_Rite Crispy Rice will hold me over for a spell. The price is five-stars; the actual cereal is two. I’ll sorta split the difference…

FINAL RATING:Cereal Killer: 2.5 Stars


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