CEREAL SUNDAY: Cocoa Pebbles

Post, you are really striking out here. Based on my recent Cereal Sunday reviews, this has consistently been the worst brand. C is for Cereal and Mini Cinnamon Churros spring to mind as other letdowns from this company.

So why does Cocoa Pebbles fall flat? For one, the chocolately taste that is so prevalent when the flakes are dry all but disappears the instant they come into contact with milk. Bafflingly, that flavor is not transposed to the aftermilk either. It’s like it dissolves into thin air, which some scientisty types might be able to prove, because I’ll give Cocoa Pebbles this much: they smell OUTRAGEOUSLY DELICIOUS.

I’m not mad. Just… disappointed.


CerealKiller: 2 Stars


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