TV THURSDAY: The Tick (Season 1; 2001)

Patrick Warburton has gone on record to say how clueless FOX was for not renewing this series. Even though its very different from the cartoon (and in turn, more like the original comic) thanks in part to legalities over character rights (American Maid and Die Fledermaus are Captian Liberty and Batmanuel in this series), this live action version of the big blue galoot’s exploits is GREAT, and it’s only nine half-hour episodes. You can plow through it in a day. Here’s one stand-out line from each episode.

1. Pilot
The Tick asserts his dominance over a coffee machine: “Armless bandit… Empty your bladder of that bitter black urine men call coffee! It has its price and its price has been paid! Java devil, you are now my bitch.”

2. The Funeral
Arthur spies an attractive woman leaving a hotel: “Look, I’ll probably be arrested soon and then of course I’ll be dead, but before all that happens I just wanted to say… hi.”

3. Couples
After witnessing the dysfunctional hero/sidekick relationship of Fiery Blaze (Ron Perlman!) and Friendly Fire, The Tick makes an astute observation: “Arthur, I think we learned tonight that nobody wears the pants in this family, and we’re all the better for it.”

4. The License
The aftermath of what appears to be failed super villainy depicts police and heroes milling about the scene of the crime.
Captain Liberty: Hey, boys.
Cop: Hey, Cap’n Liberty. What do we got?
Captain Liberty: What do we got? What does it look like we got? What are you, blind? We got a guy stuck halfway up a robot’s ass, that’s what we got.

5. Arthur Needs Space
Batmanuel hops out of his car in a hurry. “Batmanuel has finished the Big Gulp. Now, he must water the bushes.”

6. The Big Leagues
Captain Liberty files a class action lawsuit against the League of Superheroes, a group of elitist heroes who refuse to accept women or minorities in their ranks, but have enrolled Tick and Arthur into their club. Liberty gets a call that they are offering her a large lump sum to settle out of court.
Captain Liberty: If I sell out now, I’m no better than The Tick, or Arthur or the rest of them.
Batmanuel: This is not a competition. Since when did it become a competition?!?

7. The Tick vs Justice
The scene opens in a courtroom, where Destroyo (played by Kurt Fuller, the assistant to the mayor in Ghostbusters II, and who is a douchebag in so many other movies I can’t think of right now) stands trial.
Baliff (to courtroom): All rise for the honorable Judge Kanutsen.
(Captain Liberty hits Destroyo, the only one not to rise.)
Destroyo: Ugh.
Baliff (to courtroom): You may be seated.
Destroyo (rolls eyes): Well, I just got up…

8. Arthur, Interrupted
Tick saves Arthur, locked away in a loony bin.
Arthur: How did you find me?
Tick: Just walked around and yelled a lot.

9. The Terror
Arthur is rushed through a hospital on a gurney.
Tick (to a doctor): Say, you think you can soup him up a bit?
Doctor: Excuse me?
Tick: Maybe give him a metal arm with a laser or something.

The only downside? Not once did I hear The Tick’s famous battle-cry: SPOON!

Netflix: 4 Stars


6 thoughts on “TV THURSDAY: The Tick (Season 1; 2001)

        1. I love me some Tick comics, but its not a series I can keep up with in “real time.” Those small press books are expensive. That’s what $1 bins at comicons are for!

  1. Reblogged this on Mojo's Work and commented:

    I have yet to see Amazon’s The Tick, but if it’s anything like the depressingly short run of 2001’s FOX series, starring Patrick Warburton, Amazon has struck gold… again. (Have you seen there stock?)

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