Sometimes, my mind goes crazy with ideas. It’s usually after a good day, and the racing can last nearly a week. By the end of the brainstormsurge, I’m physically exhausted, and can sleep almost a whole eight hours (which is probably like a normal person sleeping for 15 hours).

I know this all sounds a bit crazy, but its just how I’m wired. I get possessed by my ideas, and nothing can stop me from shutting my brain down, which is most of the reason I have chronic insomnia. It’s also the reason I’ve taken a shine to running marathons. I force my body into exhaustion while letting my mind race for a few hours as well. Perfect marriage right there.

Anyway, it was after last month’s Asbury Park Comic Con when the brainstormsurge hit again. So many new ideas for paintings, but the one that stuck out most was the idea to paint iconic movie/TV cars. You know, the automobiles that were every bit a star as the actors who drove them.

The first one, the Party Wagon of Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles fame, wasn’t in any of their movies, and is only based on the cartoon, but this guy went out and customized his own van!

The painting itself is okay, but I’m still looking for my voice here. How avant-garde do I want to go with this? The Muppets have their own unmistakable style, and I see myself creating a lot more black-and-white paintings with color splashes, another distinct look. So what’s it gonna be here?

I went with the streaks to give a sense of speed and movement. Maybe I should go with more? For now, I’ll put this aside and call it a completed work-in-progress.

Some other movie/TV cars I plan on painting: The AMC Pacer from Wayne’s World; a bunch of Batmobiles, Knight Rider‘s KITT, the A-Team‘s van, the Ghostbusters‘ …is that an ambulance? a hearse? I never really knew… that thing; the General Lee (GREATEST CAR EVER) and we’ll see what else. I actually made a list and I’m up to twelve. Oh, the DeLorean.

If you’ve got any ideas for instantly recognizable TV/movie star cars, let me know and maybe I’ll add them to the list!


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