WWF Zombies: “Ravenous” Rick Rude

This has been a long time coming.

About three years ago, I borrowed a friend’s old WWF trading cards and scanned every last one, over 100 in all, into my computer. I knew there was a project waiting to be made, but I didn’t know what. Later that summer (this is 2010), I told one of my lifeguard buddies, another 80s wrestling aficionado, about my plan to paint zombie portraits of dead pro wrestlers. He marked out, but I admitted I didn’t feel my drawing skills were up to snuff to go for broke.

Zombie based off this card
Zombie based off this card

Drawing logos for Foogos over and over and over again really trained my eye to break down shapes, though, and finally, the blizzard of 2013 was the time to put it all to the test, and to get more watercolor practice in.

So here’s the first of three WWF Zombies I made over the Blizzard of 2013 weekend. I’m pretty excited about this, both because I think it’s not too shabby, and because ten zombie portraits down the line, I hope to look back and cringe at how much this one sucks.



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