REVIEW: Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted

The third installment of Madagascar is running out of Madagascar and regular gas.

No one is happier than David Schwimmer that this franchise will probably be alive and well for a fourth installment. Every character he has ever played (the giraffe in this and the dude in Friends… has he done anything else?) are annoying. I bet in real life he’s the life of the party, or Bob Saget-dirty, but every role he holds just makes me want to punch the smug off him.

He has plenty of competition in the “Jar Jar Binks Most Annoying Character Ever Award” in Madagascar 3, though. King Julian, the lemur played  by Sacha Baron Cohen, is still doing obnoxiously unfunny dance numbers. We’ve also got Martin Short doing an Italian accent for 90 minutes as a sea lion. Even Chris Rock’s zebra needs to change the stripes on his boring black-and-white shtick. (Zing! Double pun.) (or) (Groan! Twice the agony.)

After the early going, which includes a hilarious banana machine gun and a chase scene set to the sound of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It,” this circus goes downhill faster than a dog on rocket-powered skates. (Coincidentally, its the rocket-powered skating dogs, who alternate as British nobles, who give the penguins a run for their money as the only funny players in this Dreamworks feature.)

There aren’t nearly enough laughs to justify sitting through this, and what’s more, there are absolutely zero rules in this universe. For example, the main antagonist, a French animal control officer, can run through building walls, but I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief that the hero, a lion (Ben Stiller, who I don’t like at all, but won’t draw any ire from me in this one… he was actually okay) swinging from a trapeze for the first time might be in any danger?

Complaining about logic holes in an animated kids movie seems like a stupid thing to do, but even the old Warner Bros shorts had some sort of rules, even when they didn’t. (Re: Roadrunner darting through a painted rock; Coyote smashes into same rock.) And they were funny, so it made up for it!

Your kids and anyone who loves color bombardment will enjoy this one. Otherwise, wait for it to come on ABC Family. You may need those commercial breaks.


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