REVIEW: The Three Stooges

None of my friends believe me when I say The Three Stooges is the funniest movie I’ve seen in theatres since Team America: World Police (or maybe Superbad),** although the humor couldn’t be any more different, what with all the innocuous slapstick, cartoon violence and PG dialogue. The most harrowing insult was Moe getting the attention of a rather large woman by exclaming, “Hey, Jumbotron!” so I’d say this is safe for your kids to watch, especially with the video disclaimer tailing the film, urging kids to not poke each other in the eyes at home. (The video goes so far as to show that the sledgehammer and other weapons used in the Stooges maiming each other are, in fact, rubber facsimiles.)

**They think I’m playing an elaborate hoax on them, that Stooges was as awful as it looked, and I think its funny to trick these guys into seeing it. While I understand their line of thinking,^ this is not the case.

^One time, I intentionally made the most HORRIBLE drink ever, but added in blue curacao so it looked tropical and delicious. I pounded a few shots (it included Korean grain alcohol) just to fool my brother into drinking some so I could see that terrible expression on his fat face.

From the opening 30 seconds, when Larry David as a nun urged a group of orphans to return their soccer can to the equipment room, my range of amusement was somewhere between chuckle and doubled-over in hilarity.

Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso 100% capture the look and feel of the iconic black-and-white heroes I once watched on my grandparents’ wood-paneled TV set. I really expected all their tomfoolery to get old after five minutes, and yet there I was at the end, still laughing myself stupid.

And maybe that’s what I am for so thoroughly enjoying this goofball flick, because if this was some sort of test, I either passed with flying colors or failed miserably.

In addition to three idiots acting as you’d expect, Stooges highlights actress Sofia Vergara, possibly the hottest woman on the planet.

Did I mention Super Soaker babies and a failed murder plot? The Farrelly brothers still got it. If none of this sounds appealing to you yet, let me conclude by saying that at least 10 minutes of this movie will be catharsis for everyone who has ever wanted to sock The Situation right on his nose. The Jersey Shore cast takes a well-earned beating, and that alone is worth the price of admission.


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