REVIEW: Project X

Tom Kub is the stereotypical unpopular high schooler. He’s got his tight clique, consisting of porker JB and scheming Costa (think of a more annoying, Jewier Jonah Hill), the latter of which forcefully throws a “game-changing” birthday party for Tom’s 17th in order for the trio to become popular. Pretty standard stuff, right? Wrong. (Maybe a spoiler or two coming…)

I’ve had a few hours to digest whatever it was I watched, and I’m still not sure. Overall, I’d say Project X is entertaining, and makes good use of A LOT of “homemade” footage to put together the craziest party movie that ever existed. The film style makes a little more sense since almost the entirety of the cast is intentionally comprised of people who have little or no acting experience.

I grew up in the 80s, so I’ve seen plenty of high school cinematic carnage, and short of a rocket ship busting through main character Tom Kub’s bedroom floor, you’d be hard pressed to find another movie that destroys a house – no, a NEIGHBORHOOD – the way Project X does. This movie manages to go over the top of over-the-top.

The drug use is mild (compared to… uh… I don’t know… Blow?), and the binge drinking is what you’d expect, but the thing I’m taking away from Project X is all the bare teenage breasts and close-ups of butt shots. It’s like a 90 minute rap video on the Playboy Channel, and I feel dirty watching it, because, well, like I said, these are supposed to be high school girls. (Definitely a spoiler in the next paragraph.)

The only thing that made me feel better about myself was the constant reminder that in real life all these shirtless, no-name actresses have to be at least 18… right? Right? Ugh, I’m too old for this shit. That’s ultimately what I’m taking away from Project X. And feeling sad is the last thing I ever expected from watching a teenager burn his house down.

I miss Kelly LeBrock and Weird Science.


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